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St Tropez Tanning with Chequers Hair & Beauty

Spray Tanning

Full body treatment

30 mins – £43.00

½ Body top

20-30 mins – £33.00


What is Ultimate Air?

Ultimate Air is a new system from St. Tropez designed to evenly spray you with atomised Bronzing Solution. Application is quick safe and easy and enables a flawless St. Tropez tan to be achieved in just minutes!

Preparation for Application
Do not waxshave 24 hours before treatment or moisturise on the morning of the treatment. It is preferable not to apply any type of perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils as they may affect the treatment. The evening before your application you will need to exfoliate your entire body, using the St. Tropez Body Polisher. Pay special attention to dry areas of the body such as hands elbows and knees and feet before moisturising with the St. Tropez Body Moisturiser. It is preferable to wear dark loose fitting clothes.

Do not moisturise the morning of the tan.

The Application
Treatment time takes maximum 20-30 minutes in total including room & client preparation & drying time. Upon entering the St. Tropez Ultimate Air unit, you will be asked to wear “sticky feet”. These are to prevent the soles of your feet from becoming stained with self tan. You will be sprayed by a trained St. Tropez therapist with our award winning tanning solution. Following application, you must allow a few minutes for the tan to absorb into your skin before stepping back into your clothes.

Once leaving the salon
The tan will start to develop 2-3 hours after application and continue to develop for up to 24 hours. Therefore it is preferable not to shower for up to 8 hours after the application. Any product left on cotton bed linen will wash out. Do not take part in any activity, which may cause perspiration during development time.

Maintaining your tan
With the correct aftercare your tan will last longer. Daily apply St. Tropez Body Moisturiser, a hydrating body lotion containing I-tyrosine. This ingredient activates the melanin in the skin ensuring your tan lasts the longest possible time. Exfoliate your skin with St. Tropez Body Polisher every 2 days to ensure your tan fades evenly. Do not rub but pat the skin dry after showering or bathing. Avoid swimming pools, as chlorine will bleach your tan.

If you suffer from respiratory problems, please consult your doctor before booking your treatment.

WARNING: St Tropez hasn’t got sunfactor protection, so you must apply sun screen if going into the sun.