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Covid Safety

Health & Safety Measures (Coronavirus)

We ask all clients to bring and wear their own personal face protection when visiting the salon. There will be a £1.00 charge for the supply of a face mask.

As a health and safety measure, to protect the safety of both staff and client, we will be taking your temperature with a non-contact infra-red laser thermometer. If the reading shows that it is above 38°C, outside the scope of a normal body temperature (set by Govt. guidelines), we reserve the right to refuse any treatment.

  • All kit is sterilised with hospital grade surgical spirits (90% alcohol) after every client, single use disposable gloves, aprons, face mask, couch covering are used.
  • The use of full face shields will be used in specific treatments
  • The salon is deep cleaned every day with bleach and antibacterial products. We have invested in an Ozone & ultraviolet light air purifier, which eliminates bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, whilst disinfecting the air. The areas which are regularly touched, such as door handles, toilet flushes, taps and card machine (after each transaction) are sanitised regularly throughout the day
  • All staff are taking personal hygiene seriously by following government guidelines to avoid catching or spreading germs
  • Antibacterial 90% alcohol based hand sanitiser will be made available for use by clients visiting the salon on entry by reception

Before making an appointment, please ask yourself the following questions

  • Have you travelled abroad or to any locations that have been hit by the virus?
  • Do you have any cold or flu-like symptoms?
  • Are you, or is anyone close to you, feeling unwell?
  • Do you have a higher than normal temperature?

We reserve the right of refusal to treat any client that shows any signs of infection.

Covid Compliant

Please see our Barbicide Covid 19 qualification certificates: