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Skin Booster – Profhilo

Profhilo is a popular non-surgical facelift option in our beauty salon.

Unlike Dermal fillers which target specific areas of volume loss in the face, Profhilo delivers overall facial rejuvenation for a balanced aesthetic result.

Prices are £250 a session

Profhilo is often favoured by many patients due it’s gradual, natural results and incredible effect on hydrating, firming and brightening the skin.

What are the benefits of Profhilo?

Profhilo offers a safe, effective skin rejuvenation for those patients looking to improve skin quality, hydration and restore radiance. Due to it’s unique properties, Profhilo also helps to reduce the effects of skin ageing such as skin laxity (sagging skin) and thinning of the skin layers which occur due to the natural ageing process as collagen production is reduced.

Skin Booster

Skin Booster

Due to the high levels of Hyaluronic Acid Profhilo stimulates and enhances the production of collagen & elastin to firm and tighten the skin of the mid-face, perioral area, jawline. The unique benefits of Profhilo include:


Profhilo is biocompatible as it is composed of a highly pure grade Hyaluronic Acid produced by bio-fermentation. The composition of Profhilo is unique with 64mg of Hyaluronic Acid within the 2ml syringe.

Reduced Risk Of Side Effects

Due to Profhilo’s high purity and absence of additives, this treatment offers greater safety and therefore reduced side effects of swelling and bruising. There is little to no downtime required following treatment with Profhilo allowing patients to continue with work and daily activities immediately after treatment.

Comfortable Treatment

The unique injection technique of only a maximum of 10 small points allows for a safe, effective procedure with minimal discomfort. The treatment with Profhilo takes between 5-10 minutes.

Guaranteed Results

Visible results after only 2 sessions (1 month). The patented technology of Profhilo offers a prolonged duration of action.

How Does Profhilo Work?

In terms of injectable aesthetic treatments, Profhilo is the missing link to common facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers. PROFHILO naturally stimulates the production of 4 different types of collagen & elastin to significantly improve skin quality, reduce lines & wrinkles and contour the face.

Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment designed to address skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age. The high concentration Hyaluronic Acid is injected just below the surface of the skin where it disperses quickly to boost hydration in the skin.

The results delivered by Profhilo develop gradually over the weeks following treatment allowing for natural skin rejuvenation. Two treatments of Profhilo are recommended one month apart for optimum results with the full result seen one month after the second treatment session. For the treatment of some areas of the body such as the neck or hands, three treatments may be required to give the best result for your skin.

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